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2020 Presidential Scorecard / Voter Guide

Sep 2, 2020

See LINKS below to Download the FREE PDFs!
See sections at the bottom for various technical notes, etc.

* Click Here for the Research Page.

Scorecard FrontThe Gray Republican Committee has produced a scorecard, a "Voter Guide" on various positions taken by President Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden. The scorecard has the categories and YES/NO positions listed here. The URLs included on our Research Page, with snippets from the articles, provide documentation for those positions.

(Click on the images to view larger versions.)

Scorecard BackThe PDFs of the scorecard are Available NOW at the links below.

Paid for by the Gray Republican Committee ( and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. P.O. Box 844, Gray, ME 04039, 207-619-0240.

We have also produced a POSTCARD version of the scorecard that YOU CAN MAIL to your constituents (e.g. Republican or Independent voters, etc.)

See notes below on printing and mailing.

The first image below shows the back of the postcard for Gray, Maine (the FRONT is the same as the front image above). The postage, bar code, and address appear on the right, in the blank area.

The second image is a version of the back that has 3 FORM FIELDS that a town or organization or person can fill out with any PDF viewer and then save the PDF, and take it to a mailing house / print shop to print off. (The Yellow boxes are not there, of course.)

(Click on the images to view larger versions.)

Here's How To Use This Scorecard:

* Links to High-Res PDFs of Flyer and Postcard

* Overview

As most Republicans and Conservatives know, our country is at the brink of losing its freedoms. Thus, informing voters of the positions of President Donald Trump versus Joe Biden is a critical "get out the vote" activity. We believe that this scorecard may help. The postcard version is also an excellent outreach tool -- a way for local town or county Republican committees to inform their Republican voters that a) they exist (some people don't know your committee exists -- really!) and b) that the committee is doing good work. This helps bring new members to your local committee.

The flyer version of the PDF can of course be handed out anywhere.

We authorize anyone to download and distribute / print the PDFs at will. Of course, the text and graphics cannot be modified in any way, except for the 3 fillable form fields.

* Printing and Mailing Notes

We recommend a printer / mailing house that does very high quality work and is very inexpensive. See the details, below. Mailings Unlimited also fulfills out of state orders, with a shipping cost.

=> I can't emphasize enough that these should, if at all possible, be printed on CARD STOCK, with a full bleed (meaning that the color background reaches all the way to the edges).

If you print them on your color inkjet or laser printer, they'll have a white margin, and the color will be inferior, and they won't look as good as they should. Now, of course, it's better that someone gets an inferior copy instead of no copy at all (because of course it's the content that matters). But... if you CAN do card stock, it's so much better.

=> Mailings Unlimited can print off a small packet of 200 cards (90% cheaper than Staples) in a very short time and mail them to you, anywhere. I doubt the postage for 200 will be very much. So... think of how beautiful they'll be if they're printed correctly! :-)

Here's the mailing house info. They have the PDFs on file and are very helpful.

Mailings Unlimited
116 Riverside Industrial Pkwy, Portland, Maine 04103 - (207) 347-5000
Attention: Mary Dumont,

Flyer printing:
* Card stock

- 2-sided, full-color, 6x9" cards
=> Call Mary for pricing.

Postcard Printing and Mailing
* Card stock
- 2-sided, full-color, 6x9" postcards
=> Call Mary for pricing.

You can get a list of registered voters from your town hall. You don't have to mail to every voter: just mail to the households of voters. The mailing house above can take a ".csv" or Excel file of voters and deduplicate the voters into a household list.

* Legalese and Links to FEC (Federal Election Commission) pages of interest.

I spoke with the FEC three times about this project. I am NOT a lawyer, and this is NOT legal advice, and I and the Gray Republican Committee cannot take ANY responsibility for the distribution of this material by anyone other than our committee. With that necessary disclaimer :-), this is what I understand to be the scoop (I could be wrong). Use this info at your own risk. Or call the FEC and get advice.

By using these PDFs, you exempt the Gray Republican Committee and myself from any and all liability.

For questions, contact the Gray Republican Committee at "" or leave a message at 207.619.0240.

Peter Falkenberg Brown
Chair, Gray Republican Committee


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