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Research on 2020 Trump / Biden Scorecard

Sep 2, 2020

This is the Research page for the 2020 Presidential Scorecard on Trump and Biden produced by the Gray Republican Committee.

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Constitutional Freedoms

Freedom of Speech, Religion, and Right to Bear Arms

Trump: YES

Freedom of Speech

Trump signs executive order to promote free speech on college campuses
by Adam Shaw, March 21, 2019

President Trump on Thursday signed an executive order to promote free speech on college campuses by threatening colleges with the loss of federal research funding if they do not protect those rights.

"We’re here to take historic action to defend American students and American values," Trump said, surrounded by conservative student activists at the signing ceremony. "They’ve been under siege."

"Under the guise of speech codes, safe spaces and trigger warnings, these universities have tried to restrict free thought, impose total conformity and shut down the voices of great young Americans like those here today," he said.

Freedom of Religion

Trump promotes religious freedom in UN speech
by Bob Fredericks and Nolan Hicks, September 23, 2019

"The United States is founded on the principle that our rights do not come from government, they come from God. This immortal truth is proclaimed in our Declaration of Independence and enshrined in our First Amendment to our Constitution, Bill of Rights," the president said.

"Our founders understood that no right is more fundamental to a peaceful, prosperous and virtuous society than the right to follow one’s religious convictions. Regrettably, religious freedom enjoyed by American citizens is rare in the world," he continued.

Right to Bear Arms

SOTU: Trump Pledges to Always Protect 2nd Amendment Rights
AWR Hawkins, February 4, 2020

Trump said, "So long as I am president, I will always protect your Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms."

Second Amendment Rights
Donald J. Trump on the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period

The right of self-defense doesn’t stop at the end of your driveway. That’s why I have a concealed carry permit and why tens of millions of Americans do too. That permit should be valid in all 50 states. A driver’s license works in every state, so it’s common sense that aconcealed carry permit should work in every state. If we can do that for driving –which is a privilege, not a right –then surely we can do that for concealed carry, which is a right, not a privilege.

Biden: NO

Freedom of Speech

Blue State Blues: Donald Trump Is Defending the First Amendment; Joe Biden Is Attacking It
Joel B. Pollak, May, 2020

It is Biden who seems not to understand free speech and the Constitution. In his statement Thursday evening, Biden complained that "President Trump believes that he should be permitted to say whatever he would like, regardless whether it is true or false." Of course he can, within the boundaries of the law. So can anyone. That is precisely what the First Amendment is about. It protects Biden’s lies about the NAACP just as much as it protects Trump’s tweets.

Amazingly, Biden is running against the First Amendment. Like Hillary Clinton before him, he rejects the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United (2010), which protected the free speech of corporations. In his platform, Biden calls for a constitutional amendment to reverse that decision. He has a poor record on free speech generally: the Obama-Biden administration even backed a proposal at the United Nations by Muslim nations to restrict "blasphemy."

[Gray Republican Committee Editor’s Note: The Biden campaign wants to pass a constitutional amendment making it illegal for private individuals or corporations to spend money to influence voters in elections. The group "Citizens United" wanted to make a movie that was critical of Hillary Clinton and was told that they could not, and took the case to the Supreme Court and won. Biden wants to overturn that. With Biden’s amendment, individual citizens could not even produce a piece of literature like this scorecard.

If citizens cannot speak, write, or communicate freely about voting for candidates, freedom of speech will no longer be protected by the First Amendment. See next quote as well.]

The Biden Plan to Guarantee Government Works for the People

Introduce a constitutional amendment to entirely eliminate private dollars from our federal elections. Biden believes it is long past time to end the influence of private dollars in our federal elections. As president, Biden will fight for a constitutional amendment that will require candidates for federal office to solely fund their campaigns with public dollars, and prevent outside spending from distorting the election process. This amendment will do far more than just overturn Citizens United: it will return our democracy to the people and away from the corporate interests that seek to distort it. (emphasis added)

David Bossie: Supreme Court 'Citizens United' decision still protects the First Amendment 10 years later
by David N. Bossie, January 21

On the 10th anniversary of Citizens United’s landmark Supreme Court victory for free speech, its incredible impact and legacy has come into focus. At its core, the Citizens United decision encourages more participation in America’s political process.

Much to the dismay of the left, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission was a case about free speech and whether the First Amendment protected the American people from government attempts to limit speech. Nothing more, nothing less.

The origins of the case begin with Citizens United’s ability to produce a film and run advertisements for a film critical of Hillary Clinton. At that time, the McCain-Feingold campaign finance regime would have jailed me for doing just that — a fact that the left purposefully omits from their flawed arguments against the Supreme Court’s opinion.


Let’s recall that during oral arguments for our case at the Supreme Court, the deputy solicitor general stated in response to a question from Justice Samuel Alito that the logical extension of McCain-Feingold is that if the government can ban movies, then it could also ban books. This is the story of the case the left doesn’t want the American people to know about.


The highly respected constitutional lawyer Floyd Abrams wrote in a recent op-ed: "As Justice Kennedy put it in Citizens United, speech is ‘the means to hold officials accountable to the people’ and ‘political speech must prevail against laws that would suppress it by design or inadvertence.’ That was true a decade ago and it remains true today." I could not agree more.

Freedom of Religion

Biden says nuns inspire him to run, plans to sue Little Sisters of the Poor
CNA Staff, August 13, 2020

Shortly after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Little Sisters of the Poor in Little Sisters of the Poor v. Pennsylvania on July 8, Biden said he was "disappointed" by the decision and promised to reinstate Obama-era policies requiring the sisters to ensure access to birth control in violation of their religious beliefs.

Right to Bear Arms

Most anti-gun laws are not effective
by Lee Enokian, October 8, 2003

"Banning guns is an idea whose time has come." -Sen. Joseph Biden, Associated Press, November 18, 1993

Biden Accidentally Explains Exactly Why We Need the Second Amendment
Beth Baumann, February 10, 2020

"Those who say 'the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots'– a great line. Well, guess what? The fact is if you’re going to take on the government you need an F-15 with Hellfire missiles. There is no way an AK-47 is going to take care of you if you're worried about the government knocking down your door," Biden told a group of supporters in New Hampshire on Sunday. "And so, it's bizarre. We never said you could own any weapon at all from the beginning. You can't own a machine gun. You can't own a bazooka. You can't own an M1 tank, no matter how much money you have. You can limit the kind of weapons that can be owned."

"I think – and by the way, all the work I've done on this, including in [the Obama] administration – I now have over 58 percent of the NRA members acknowledging you can't own an assault weapon," he said. "There's no need for it. You can't have, you can't have a magazine that has more than 10 rounds in it."

Biden is the perfect example of why the Second Amendment exists. Saying Americans shouldn't own specific firearms because they'd never be able to compete with the government is precisely why each and every one of us should have access to the same weapons as the military.

Defund the Police

Trump: NO

Donald Trump Releases Second-Term Agenda
by Charlie Spiering, August 24, 2020


  • Fully Fund and Hire More Police and Law Enforcement Officers
  • Increase Criminal Penalties for Assaults on Law Enforcement Officers
  • Prosecute Drive-By Shootings as Acts of Domestic Terrorism
  • Bring Violent Extremist Groups Like ANTIFA to Justice
  • End Cashless Bail and Keep Dangerous Criminals Locked Up until Trial

Biden: YES

Yes, Joe Biden Said He Wants to Defund the Police
by Beth Baumann, July 19, 2020

For whatever reason, the mainstream media is making the argument that Biden is not in favor of defunding the police. By Democrats' own standards and definitions, he is in favor of defunding the police and reallocating funds that would otherwise go towards police departments to other services.

Just watch his interaction with Ady Barkan from Now This:

Joe Biden said he wants to defund the police.

Since people are taking issue with that statement of fact, let’s review what he was asked & said.

Barkan: "Can we agree that we can redirect some of the funding [from the police]?"

Biden: "Yes, absolutely"

Tax Cuts, Grow the Economy

Support Small Business & Working Class

Trump: YES

Donald Trump Releases Second-Term Agenda
by Charlie Spiering, August 24, 2020


  • Create 10 Million New Jobs in 10 Months
  • Create 1 Million New Small Businesses
  • Cut Taxes to Boost Take-Home Pay and Keep Jobs in America
  • Enact Fair Trade Deals that Protect American Jobs
  • "Made in America" Tax Credits
  • Expand Opportunity Zones

Biden: NO

Biden's record-setting tax increases will take your money — and your job
by Lewis K. Uhler and Peter J. Ferrara, opinion contributors — June 28, 2020

In 2016, Hillary Clinton ran for president proposing $1 trillion in tax increases. Would President Trump’s blue-collar boom ever have gotten off the ground with such a back-breaking tax burden?

But now, four years later, former vice president Joe Biden thinks he has a better idea. In his third run for the White House, Biden is proposing tax increases of nearly $4 trillion over the next 10 years. If he wins in November and these increases were to pass, they’d be the highest in American history — indeed, in world history.

. . .

Biden proposes an outright repeal of Trump’s tax reform package, raising taxes on the middle class, blue-collar families and American corporations, large and small. Such tax increases would return America’s corporate tax rate to close to 40 percent, the highest in the world.

At the start of the Great Depression in 1929, President Hoover’s tax increases to balance the budget in a collapsing economy caused America to suffer 25 percent unemployment for more than 10 years. Is that what Americans want again?

Stop Illegal Aliens: Secure the Borders

Build the Wall, Voter ID, Commonsense Immigration

Trump: YES

Donald Trump Releases Second-Term Agenda
by Charlie Spiering, August 24, 2020


  • Block Illegal Immigrants from Becoming Eligible for Taxpayer-Funded Welfare, Healthcare, and Free College Tuition
  • Mandatory Deportation for Non-Citizen Gang Members
  • Dismantle Human Trafficking Networks
  • End Sanctuary Cities to Restore our Neighborhoods and Protect our Families
  • Prohibit American Companies from Replacing United States Citizens with Lower-Cost Foreign Workers
  • Require New Immigrants to Be Able to Support Themselves Financially

Making America Great Again: Immigration
President Donald J. Trump Achievements

- The Trump Administration has secured funding for approximately 445 miles of the total 722 miles of border wall requested.

- President Trump ordered the hiring of 10,000 new ICE agents and 5,000 additional border patrol agents.

Trump Promotes Voter ID, Says 'a Lot of People Cheat With Mail-In Voting'
by Jeffery Martin, April 4, 2020

President Donald Trump said on Friday that he rejected the idea of mail-in voting and endorsed the concept of Voter ID, which he referred to as "the real deal."

"I think a lot of people cheat with mail-in voting," Trump said at Friday's coronavirus task force meeting from the White House. "I think people should vote with Voter ID. I think Voter ID is very important, and the reason they don't want Voter ID is because they tend to cheat."

Biden: NO

Biden immigration plan grants citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants
by Stephen Dinan - The Washington Times - July 8, 2020

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden on Wednesday formally embraced citizenship rights for 11 million illegal immigrants and a full erasure of all of President Trump’s get-tough border policies, as part of the party’s new unity platform.

The former vice president would expand sanctuary locations, limit ICE’s ability to deport criminals in local jails, and reverse deportations for some military veterans already ousted because of criminal records.

Joe Biden Reveals What Will Become of Border Wall If He Wins
by Erin Coates, August 7, 2020

"There will not be another foot of wall constructed in my administration," Biden told reporters, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Joe Biden: Voter ID laws "an attempt to repress minority voting"
by Jake Miller, July 24, 2014

In a Wednesday speech before the NAACP in Las Vegas, Biden delivered a similar message, slamming the push for voter ID laws as "pure politics." He suggested that President Obama might have lost Florida, instead of narrowly carrying the state, if a voter ID law had been in place during the 2012 election.

Biden campaign says casting ballots by mail is 'most secure form of voting,' as Trump warns of fraud
by Brooke Singman, August 13

The Biden campaign on Thursday said casting ballots by mail is the "most secure form of voting," as President Trump railed against the practice, warning of widespread voter fraud ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Defend America First

Strong Military, Oppose Totalitarianism & Globalism

Trump: YES

Donald Trump Releases Second-Term Agenda
Charlie Spiering, August 24, 2020


  • Stop Endless Wars and Bring Our Troops Home
  • Get Allies to Pay their Fair Share
  • Maintain and Expand America’s Unrivaled Military Strength
  • Wipe Out Global Terrorists Who Threaten to Harm Americans
  • Build a Great Cybersecurity Defense System and Missile Defense System

Foreign Policy

The President directed his Administration to consider a range of actions to respond to China’s acts, policies, and practices involving the unfair and harmful acquisition of U.S. technology.

. . .

The investigation concluded that China conducts and supports cyber intrusions into U.S. companies to access their sensitive commercial information, such as trade secrets.

. . .

In response to China’s rampant trade cheating, the Trump Administration has placed 25 percent tariffs on approximately $250 billion worth of products that are supported by China’s unfair industrial policies

Remarks by President Trump at the World Economic Forum | Davos, Switzerland
Issued on: January 21, 2020

We will never let radical socialists destroy our economy, wreck our country, or eradicate our liberty. America will always be the proud, strong, and unyielding bastion of freedom.

Biden: NO

That Time Joe Biden Said China Is Not America’s Problem
by Rusty Weiss, March 21, 2020

"We talked about China," Biden relayed. "I said China is not our problem."

"China is not our problem if we invest and remember who we are," he continued.

Biden has consistently downplayed any threat coming from China, economic or otherwise.

"I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what? They’re not competition for us," he said at a rally shortly after he announced his bid for the presidency.

"China is going to eat our lunch?" Biden scoffed. "Come on, man."

Biden has been on wrong side of foreign policy issues for decades: former Bush assistant secretary of state
by Lukas Mikelionis, May 3, 2019

A former assistant secretary of state for President George W. Bush slammed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for dismissing the threat of China, saying the former vice president has been on the wrong side of foreign policy issues for the last four decades.

"On a personal level is he a friendly guy, but he has empirically had poor judgment particularly on foreign policy ... the examples are numerous," Robert Charles said Friday on "Fox and Friends."

"Interestingly, Robert Gates in his book who criticizes almost nobody … noted that ‘Joe Biden has been wrong on almost every foreign policy and national security issue for the last four decades.’"

The Dems’ China Tilt
Why Biden-Harris is the Chinese communist regime’s dream team.

by Joseph Klein, August 24, 2020

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the Chinese communist regime’s dream team. If they prevail in the November election, China’s nemesis, President Trump, will be replaced by the soft-on-China Joe Biden. "I mean, you know, they’re not bad folks, folks," Biden said last year. "They’re not competition for us." As President Trump said following the Democratic National Convention snooze fest, "China will own our country, if he gets elected."

. . .

According to a statement issued on August 7th by William Evanina, who leads the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, the U.S. government has assessed that "China prefers that President Trump – whom Beijing sees as unpredictable – does not win reelection." Based on what we have seen so far, the Biden-Harris team will be putty in China’s hands and China's communist regime knows it.

Corruption or Malfeasance – Why Does Biden Ignore the China Threat?
May 22, 2019

The 2020 presidential election is shaping up to offer the American people the most dramatic foreign policy choice since Ronald Reagan challenged Jimmy Carter’s appeasement of the Soviet Union with a platform of rolling back and defeating that "Evil Empire."

That will be particularly the case if Donald Trump winds up running against the current Democratic frontrunner, former Vice President Joe Biden. In contrast to President Trump, who recognizes China as a "foreign adversary" that is intent on "dominating the world," Mr. Biden insists that the Chinese communists are not even competitors – let alone existential threats to freedom.

It would be bad enough if that were just a deeply misleading, indeed malfeasant, statement. Worse yet, it smacks of appalling corruption in light of the $1.5 billion Beijing invested in his son’s business while Biden was in office.

That’s a problem, folks.

Biden makes powerful statement against Kremlin election interference, but Angela Davis complicates things
by J. Michael Waller, July 24, 2020

But the key is this: The Kremlin openly endorsed Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in July, 2020, by promoting old Kremlin asset Angela Davis on RT to urge American extremists to come out and vote for Biden.

And Joe Biden the man has not distanced himself from that in any way.

'How Much and How Fast': Biden Watchers Anticipate Defense Spending Crunch
by Marcus Weisgerber, July 2, 2020

One clue: Biden already has pledged to reduce large U.S. deployments into the so-called "forever wars." Further spending cuts likely would have to lead to reductions in troop numbers and weapons buys, Hale predicted, because officials will likely be reluctant to keep high personnel numbers but cut into their training and maintenance. Mandatory spending cuts — the result of the Budget Control Act sequester in 2013 — led to a decline in military readiness for much of the mid-2010s.

Joe Biden Pressured to Defund the Military, End Space Force as President
by Kristina Wong, July, 2020

Progressive groups are pushing 2020 Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden to cut the military budget by hundreds of billions and move his foreign policy platform further left.

They have laid out a progressive wish list that includes cutting the Pentagon’s budget by $200 billion each year, ending the refurbishment of the nation’s nuclear arsenal begun under Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and getting rid of the Space Force — at a time when U.S. adversaries are ramping up spending in those areas.

More than 50 progressive groups made the demands in a letter sent to Biden in May. It is not clear how receptive Biden is to their demands, but he has already indicated he is open to cutting the defense budget.

"We can maintain a strong defense and protect our safety and security for less," he told the Washington Post.

Brad Todd: Biden bets on globalism – look at the political forces fueling this strategy
by Brad Todd, December 15

Meanwhile, on our shores, the leading Democratic candidate, former Vice President Joe Biden, is pursuing a perpendicular strategy, assuming the tide of globalism will well up enough to wash him home.

Biden is out with a new 60-second campaign ad that attacks Donald Trump as "a president the world is laughing at," featuring video of European heads of state allegedly mocking Trump at the recent NATO summit.

Abortion with No Limits

Taxpayer funded abortion until moment of birth

Trump: NO

Remarks by President Trump in State of the Union Address
Issued on: February 4, 2020

That is why I’m also calling upon members of Congress here tonight to pass legislation finally banning the late-term abortion of babies. (Applause.) Whether we are Republican, Democrat, or independent, surely we must all agree that every human life is a sacred gift from God.

US appeals court upholds Trump ban on taxpayer-funded clinics making abortion referrals
Updated February 24, 2020; Posted February 24, 2020
by The Associated Press

SEATTLE (AP) — In a victory for the Trump administration, a U.S. appeals court on Monday upheld rules that bar taxpayer-funded family-planning clinics from referring women for abortions.

Biden: YES

Joe Biden Endorses Abortion ‘Under Any Circumstance’ In Statement After SCOTUS Ruling
by Emily Zanotti, June 30, 2020

In a statement praising the Supreme Court for striking down a Louisiana law requiring doctors who provide abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced his support for abortion "under any circumstance," staking out an extreme position on the issue.

Biden and Taxpayer-Funded Abortion
by Alexandra DeSanctis, July 31, 2020

The Helms amendment goes hand in hand with the Mexico City policy, which every Republican presidential administration since Ronald Reagan has enacted to prevent non-governmental organizations that provide or promote abortion overseas from receiving U.S. funding. Under President Trump, that policy was expanded to apply to all foreign-health assistance provided by government agencies, including the State Department, the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator, and the Defense Department.

According to the Washington Post, if elected, Joe Biden will follow the example of his Democratic predecessors in reversing the policy as soon as he takes office. "Biden will use executive action on his first day in office to withdraw the Mexico City 'global gag rule,'" his spokesperson said, using the parlance of those who promote unlimited legal abortion.

School Choice for Parents

Allow inner-city children to attend better schools

Trump: YES

School Choice: Trump v. Biden
Chris Talgo, June 27, 2020

On June 16, 2020, President Trump said, "We’re fighting for school choice, which really is the civil rights of all time in this country … Frankly, school choice is the civil rights statement of the year, of the decade, and probably beyond, because all children have to have access to quality education."

"A child’s ZIP Code in America should never determine their future, and that’s what was happening. So we’re very, very strong on school choice," Trump continued.

Donald Trump Releases Second-Term Agenda
Charlie Spiering, August 24, 2020


  • Provide School Choice to Every Child in America
  • Teach American Exceptionalism

Biden: NO

School Choice: Trump v. Biden
Chris Talgo, June 27, 2020

On January 22, 2020, Joe Biden tweeted: "When we divert public funds to private schools, we undermine the entire public education system. We’ve got to prioritize investing in our public schools, so every kid in America gets a fair shot. That’s why I oppose vouchers."

Drain the Swamp / Deregulate

Reduce & Eliminate Regulations & Corruption

Trump: YES

Donald Trump Releases Second-Term Agenda
by Charlie Spiering, August 24, 2020


  • Pass Congressional Term Limits
  • End Bureaucratic Government Bullying of U.S. Citizens and Small Businesses
  • Expose Washington’s Money Trail and Delegate Powers Back to People and States
  • Drain the Globalist Swamp by Taking on International Organizations That Hurt American Citizens

Government Accountability

President Trump has tightened rules for federal employees both past and present to ensure his administration works for the American people.

To ensure the Government serves the needs of all Americans, President Trump has established a comprehensive plan to reorganize the executive branch and his administration has begun to implement this plan.


  • To date, 860 regulatory actions have been withdrawn or removed from active status.
  • The WSJ said President Trump is "rolling back more regulations than any President in history."

Biden: NO

Joe Biden Supports 2 Regulations That Would Destroy Entire Industries—and My Job
by Brad Polumbo, July 9, 2020

Joe Biden’s regulatory platform would eliminate entire industries and therefore millions of jobs—including my own. Supposedly, the appeal of Biden’s presidential campaign is a return to stability. Yet his platform includes endorsements of radical regulations that would undermine the economy as we know it.

Consider Biden’s stated support for California’s AB 5, a crushing regulation that has killed too many jobs to count in the Golden State. The former vice president has endorsed similar regulation on the federal level.

BOMBSHELL: FBI Investigated Joe Biden's Campaign for Corruption
by Tyler O'Neil, July 21, 2020

Yet "The Delaware Way," the culture of relationships and corruption should sound familiar to observers of Joe Biden’s family.

The exploits of Hunter Biden — who made lucrative business deals in Ukraine and China while his father served as the Obama administration point person in both countries — are well-known, but other members of Biden’s family have traded on the vice president’s famous name for political and business favors. Joe Biden notoriously threatened to pull $1 billion in funding for Ukraine if Ukraine’s president did not fire the prosecutor looking into Burisma, the corrupt company paying Hunter Biden.

Appoint Constitutionalist Judges

Trump: YES

Senate confirms Trump's 200th judge, officially fills all appeals court vacancies
by Tyler Olson, June 24

"Our work with the administration to renew our federal courts is not a partisan or political victory," McConnell said. "It's a victory for the rule of law and for the constitution itself. If judges applying the law and the constitution as they're written strikes any of our colleagues as a threat to their political agenda, then the problem, I would argue, is with their agenda."

Law And Justice


  • President Trump appointed conservative Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Biden: NO

Biden not 'satisfied' until half of Supreme Court women; will nominate 'living document' advocates
by Douglas Ernst - December 31, 2019

Joseph R. Biden says he won’t be "satisfied" until half of the U.S. Supreme Court is filled with women who hold a "living document" view of the Constitution.

"... The people that I would appoint to the Court, are people who have a view of the Constitution as a living document, not as a state document," he said Dec. 28 while speaking in Washington, Iowa.

"... I would look to judges, potential nominees, they would have to acknowledge the fact that there are unenumerated rights that are nonetheless constitutional rights; they’re not mentioned by name in the Constitution."

Reject Identity Politics

All Americans are Sacred, Equal Individuals

Trump: YES

Richard Grenell, first openly gay cabinet member, says Trump rejects ‘identity politics’
by Emily Jacobs, August 24, 2020

"President Trump, I know him well, he doesn’t care about these types of issues. They’re irrelevant characterizations about someone. What is relevant is whether or not they can do the job," he told the outlet.

"You know, somebody recently asked me how many gays and lesbians work in the Trump administration. I had to answer, ‘I have no idea. I really don’t know.’ This person said to me, ‘Well, there you go — that’s the reason — because we had 2,410 in the Obama administration, the Obama-Biden administration.’ I said, ‘I’d be pretty offended that I was on a list that says, ‘Here’s our gay and lesbian list,’" Grenell said.

"Thank God we don’t keep a list. Thank God we don’t hire people because they come out of a box and say, ‘Here is a black, here is a Hispanic, here is a gay person,’" he continued.

Remarks by President Trump at South Dakota’s 2020 Mount Rushmore Fireworks Celebration | Keystone, South Dakota
Issued on: July 4, 2020

Our Founders launched not only a revolution in government, but a revolution in the pursuit of justice, equality, liberty, and prosperity. No nation has done more to advance the human condition than the United States of America. And no people have done more to promote human progress than the citizens of our great nation. (Applause.)

It was all made possible by the courage of 56 patriots who gathered in Philadelphia 244 years ago and signed the Declaration of Independence. (Applause.) They enshrined a divine truth that changed the world forever when they said: "…all men are created equal."

These immortal words set in motion the unstoppable march of freedom. Our Founders boldly declared that we are all endowed with the same divine rights — given [to] us by our Creator in Heaven. And that which God has given us, we will allow no one, ever, to take away — ever. (Applause.)

Seventeen seventy-six represented the culmination of thousands of years of western civilization and the triumph not only of spirit, but of wisdom, philosophy, and reason.

. . .

We believe in equal opportunity, equal justice, and equal treatment for citizens of every race, background, religion, and creed. Every child, of every color — born and unborn — is made in the holy image of God. (Applause.)

We want free and open debate, not speech codes and cancel culture.

We embrace tolerance, not prejudice.

Biden: NO

Joe Biden played identity politics and lost big time
by Chad Felix Greene, May 23, 2020

Joe Biden’s casual declaration that a black person "ain’t black" if they consider voting for Trump in 2020 created a firestorm of outrage late this week. He made the comment when he was being interviewed on The Breakfast Club, a YouTube show, by host Charlemagne tha God.

From the interview:

Joe Biden: "If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black."

Joe Biden, Human Gaffe Machine, Was Once a Great Public Speaker
by Steve Friess, June 1, 2020

"I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that's a storybook, man."
→ Interview, talking about his running mate Barack Obama, January 31, 2007


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