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Join the "Re-Open Maine" Convoy and Parade on Monday, April 20th

EVENT DATE/TIME: Monday, April 20, 2020, 12 noon

Apr 19, 2020

REPRINTED from Former State Rep Heather Sirocki's email, with permission.

Dear Mainers,

Fill up your gas tanks and get ready to rumble! AUGUSTA - Monday, 12PM (Noon), Patriots' Day, April 20th

On Monday, April 20th, Patriots Day, there will be two ways to send the "Re-Open Maine" message to Gov. Mills.

1.) Join the motor brigade. The convoy will leave the parking lot at 12pm- circle the Blaine House three times. We will meet at the 14 Crossing Way parking lot, near Best Buy. Convoy Leader: Heather Sirocki 207-730-6602

Route: Parking lot Crossing Way to ...  Capitol Street (Blaine House), State Street, King Street (before Pat's Pizza), Sewall Street, Capitol Street.    

  • Politely keep your distance -do NOT block intersections.
  • Decorate your vehicles with flags and posters.
  • Honk your horn in support of the protestors marching on the sidewalk.
  • Wear your MAGA hats- optional.
  • Wear a mask/ bandanna to signify willingness to voluntarily comply with safety guidelines.
  • Take photos.
  • Always, immediately, make way for emergency vehicles.
  • Invite others to join us.

2.) Join the sidewalk rally with your own poster. March past the Blaine House. Details listed below. Rally Leader: Rep. Chris Johansen 207-538-2562 / Facebook:

  • Bring a bull horn, if you have one. This is about the loss of our civil rights and its impact on our businesses and religion. Let's have many folks expressing their feelings and experiences.
  • There should be plenty of street side parking.
  • Make your way to the Governor's residence, the Blaine House.
  • Keep a 6-foot distance and keep moving; walk slowly down the sidewalk.
  • To avoid arrest, be respectful and comply with all directives from law enforcement.
  • Carry flags.
  • Wear your MAGA hats- Optional.
  • Wear a mask/ bandanna to signify willingness to voluntarily comply with safety guidelines.
  • Take photos.


We Have the Right to join the "Re-Open Maine" Convoy and Parade on Monday, April 20th.

The 1st amendment enshrines our Right to peaceably assemble, our Right to freedom of speech, and our Right to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.   

 Let's peacefully assemble to speak and petition Gov. Mills with this message: We are ready to "Re-Open Maine" and Get Back to Work.

  • Gov. Mills has admitted we have been compliant, and we are following the CDC recommendations.
  • She has admitted the anticipated COVID-19 case load has been, thankfully, significantly decreased … due to 1.) flawed models with huge over projections and 2.) due to our compliance to her Executive Orders.
  • She has admitted that some counties have had very few to no cases.
  • She has admitted our healthcare system has proven to adequate and is not overloaded, thus we have effectively flattened the curve.

With all of this Good News, why has Gov. Mills doubled down?

With all of this Good News, what will it take to break this log jam?

Mainers are smart; Mainers care about each other; Mainers care for each other.

Gov. Mills has admitted the house arrest has caused economic devastation and personal anguish, and she has thanked Mainers for their endurance and forbearance.  

We know the drill- be aware of physical distancing, wash hands, isolate the vulnerable and elderly, stay home if you feel ill, etc.

States around the country have begun protesting these lengthy unconstitutional lockdowns - Kentucky, Ohio, N. Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, ... Maine!

Our Bill of Rights appears to be the last thing officials think about.

It is time we send our governor this message: "Maine needs to get back to work, we understand that this disease is contagious, and we are responsibly following the guidelines."


While highly unlikely, here is some precautionary advice regarding arrest:  

(1) If you are summonsed/arrested, do NOT physically resist in any way (you'll catch another charge);

(2) If ordered to leave/disperse from a public place, try asking the officer "why are we being asked to leave?" Don't argue, just ask and see what they say (this goes in hand with #3)

(3) If you observe a law enforcement interaction with a fellow protestor, get out your cell phone and record it (APD does not have body cameras). Video may be helpful later.

(4) Don't refuse to provide your identification/name to the officer if summonsed or arrested (you'll catch another charge) BUT do NOT answer any questions or say anything beyond identifying yourself: "On advice of counsel, I've been advised not to answer your questions."

"Amendment 1 -  Congress shall make no law respecting

an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;

or abridging the freedom of speech,

or of the press;

or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,

and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."


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