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News from the Chair, Peter Falkenberg Brown

Apr 18, 2020

Dear Gray Republicans,

Who would have predicted the events of the last few weeks? Well... the Chinese Communist Party could have told the world all about the new CCP Virus, but that's another story.

The shutdown seems to have saved many lives, which is a good thing, but as many people have said, we don't want the cure to be worse than the disease. Here's hoping that Gov. Mills will ease things open, in a common sense fashion: both businesses and recreational venues. People need to be able to sit in the sun and look at the ocean, in my opinion. It heals the soul and helps the body.

We also don't want America to slide into totalitarianism. Most of us have read about Little Tyrants all over the country who seem to enjoy their temporary power over people. Here's an article by one of my favorite columnists, Stella Morabito, writing at The Federalist, on the topic "Pandemic Panic Has Magnified The Worst Impulses Of The Power-Hungry Elite."

But... back to news about the Gray Republican Committee:

~ April's General Meeting has been cancelled, because of the CCP Virus.

~ Note that the Maine Republican Convention will be postponed. More news to come.

Stop Open Borders & 2020 Democrats - Say No to Poverty, Crime, & Tyranny~ We had planned a large, public speech event for May 20th, but it may be postponed until June (stay tuned). The event will be on the topic "Stop Open Borders & 2020 Democrats ~ Say No to Poverty, Crime, & Tyranny," and will feature Rep. Larry Lockman as our Keynote Speaker, as well as Border Patrol agent Mark Phillips as our second speaker. See this link for more info:

(click on the image to see a larger version)

~ We are planning two more public speech events in 2020: one in August and one in October. Check our website for more info as the time gets closer.

~ We'll be posting information soon about the Republican candidates running for office in districts that include Gray.

~ We're always in need of funds. Please donate, if you can, at our donation page:

Be safe, be well, and let's work together to defend freedom in America and around the world!

Peter Falkenberg Brown


Peter Falkenberg Brown is a native of Portland. He's the Chairman of the Gray Republican Committee and is the Info/Web Committee Chair for the Cumberland County Republican Committee. He's passionate about writing, publishing, public speaking and film.

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EVENT: TUESDAY, Oct 25, Ed Thelander, White, Arata, Reed, 6:30-8pm (6:00 to order food) Toddy Brook
Meet Maine’s Winning Candidate, a Navy Seal for 21 Years: Ed Thelander Running for Congress in Congressional District #1 Featuring Local Candidates (Jennifer White, Amy Arata, & David Reed) and Ed Thelander, followed by Q&A.
Event: The Hyper Sexualization of School Children
The featured speaker will be SHAWN McBREAIRTY: He is the Director of Special Projects for the Maine First Project, and has personal experience with the hard-left’s goals to indoctrinate school children. In 2020, his opposition to CRT in Greely High School brought him national attention. He now works to inform parents about Leftist indoctrination in public schools.
Will Your Vote Count in November? Will the Next Election Be Stolen?
The Gray Republicans are hosting a new program about election integrity, titled “Will Your Vote Count in November? Will the Next Election Be Stolen?” The event will be on Wednesday, April 20, 2022, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Bible Believing Baptist Church at 92 Center Road in Gray. Tickets are $5 at the door. Refreshments will be served.
Gray Republican 2022 Caucus
Directions: From Center Road going south, take a right on Rustic Road and park behind the church. Enter through the back door.

All Republicans in Gray are invited to participate in this event. After the Caucus business is finished, we will hear from some of our candidates.


Press Release: Gray, Maine Republicans Open Headquarters on Main Street with Local Candidates and Ribbon Cutting
GRAY, Maine - On Saturday morning, September 24, 2022, at 10:00 a.m., the Gray Town Republican Committee officially opened a temporary headquarters at 13 Main Street, #6, in the small shopping plaza across from Cumberland Farms. The office will be open until just after November 8, 2022, Election Day.
VOTE ON September 8th, 2020! Stop the Town of Gray from Overspending and Raising Taxes!
A special vote called by the town of Gray on a Budget issue that they're trying to shove through without anyone noticing.
Can You Help Us Reach 1,900+ Republican Voters in Gray?
A Republican in Gray recently told me that she and her husband have been Gray residents for twenty years, but had NO IDEA that a "Gray Republican Committee" existed. Well... we have to fix that!

We've been searching for cost-effective ways to let the 1,900+ Republican voters in Gray know that we exist and then inspire them to work with us to save America and Freedom.
Gov. Mills: Open Maine Now!
Gov. Janet Mills of Maine needs to dial back the abnormal fear of COVID-19. A MUCH bigger problem is the collapse of the Maine economy if she continues her Draconian Shutdown. The op/ed below is from Republican State Senator Rich Cebra.
April 16 Letter to the Governor from Maine's Joint Republican Caucus 129th Legislature
On April 16, legislative Republicans submitted a letter to the Governor voicing their own concerns along with questions from their constituents. The original intent was to allow the Governor to respond, rather than communicate through press releases.

News organizations have subsequently obtained the letter with plans to report on it. Therefore, we are making it available, unfiltered, for the public to see.